Gligic Zoran

I have been an amateur painter since 1986. I am interested in various coloring materials and painting objects, especially portraits, landscapes and still life. I paint on request. Painting and music are my hobbies.

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Gligic Zoran

my paintings

Portraits & Landscapes

I was born in 1964. in Banja Luka, where I completed elementary school, high school and college. I made my first portraits in pencil when I was in elementary school. I played guitar for a long time. As a musician in various bands I played pop/rock music, folk music and dance.

I made first paintings with watercolors in 1985. and since then I have maid more then hundred paintings. Most frequently, my inspiration are women I have seen, countries I visited, my homeland where I was grown up. Portraits, pastels, oil paintings are my own way of expressing my view of the nature, people, landscape and emotions. My paintings are images of my word view.

Gilberto Gil, Sinead O Connor, bands Azra, Haustor, Depeche Mode have had an impact on my painting, as well as my parents and sisters. Constructive criticism of established painters Marko Stupar, Nebojsa Bosnic, Duska Kapisoda was an encouragement. I would like to thank God, all my family members, friends and good people.

Recent work

Newlyweds, oil pastel
By the lake, oil pastel
by the lake
Country autumn, oil pastel
country autumn
Path, oil pastel